Virtual-K's Shipping Times

Most, if not everything in VK is made to order so shipping times are automatically longer. Items in the shop that are labeled as "pre-order" are made-to-order. Items that are not labeled "pre-order" are ones that I already have made and have in stock.

If you're shopping at VK for holiday gifts this year the perfect time to order so that gifts arrive before mid/late December is any time right after Halloween up until mid-November. After that point, I can't make any promises that made-to-order items will make it in time.

The graphic below is a quick guide that explains how long certain items may take to ship to you.

*Shirt orders are automatically fulfilled by a 3rd party which makes shipping much faster! However, if you experience any problems with shirt orders (or if you have problems with any orders in general), please let me know through the contact form here:

Or email me directly at: [email protected]