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I just made a new craptocurrency called Fungus Token and I'm happy to announce that my New Fungus Token just dropped!

Why deal with the tacky mess of:
- severe environmental damage
- art thieves/blatant copyright infringement
- buying particularly useless, extremely wasteful monopoly money that can't even be tangible
When you can buy my Fungus Tokens, do NONE of the above, and STILL support an artist! :)

Come get em while they're minty fresh!

Yes, even though this is my April Fools joke this year; this is ACTUALLY a REAL, PHYSICAL, item you can purchase! It is a 1.5" button badge that is currently on pre-order.
Reminder: Everything in the shop is made to order so it will take a couple weeks longer than you might expect to get your order.

Check out the latest Shipping times here for more info: https://virtual-k.com/shipping-times